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Anja Grimm is a 28-year-old student of forest sciences. By a twist of fate, she finds herself working on a soil-mapping project in the remote region where she used to spend her summer vacation with her parents. Anja has very mixed feelings about this forest. Her father disappeared here on a hiking trip twenty years ago. Soon her dark premonitions prove to be well founded. Just two days into the project, the nightmare of her childhood seems to repeat itself. Deep in the woods she runs into Xaver, the village idiot, who reacts strangely when he at last recognizes her. Just hours after they meet he hangs himself. And Xaver’s suicide will not remain the only disturbing event connected to Anja’s reappearance. Before long, Anja’s suspicions and her persistent questions about the precise circumstances of her father’s disappearance become the talk of the town. She meets with reserve and hostility from the villagers. Even the police are strangely reluctant to reopen what for them is a closed case. Soon the villagers begin to suspect that Anja’s return is not just due to chance. And when they realize that her scientific skills allow her to “read” their forest in ways they could not even begin to imagine, they are faced with a terrible decision.